Dragon Slayer Princess Hero Love

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"If you say so, it seems that I am the one who suffers." Wen Jie forced down the heart of the inexplicable palpitations, she can always pull out his strongest desire to protect, and this is where he puzzled! And every time I see her smile, Then his heart will come alive. Hello Wen Po found that he did not know what to think, although a pair of eyes were staring at her, but as if not looking at her, so she called again, "Hello!" "What's the matter?" Wen Jie suddenly came to his senses. Are you always absent-minded? "Wen Po looked at him with a frustrated face." Well, I'll repeat what I just said. I say you don't suffer at all, because I'm willing to be your princess in distress all my life. " "Don't you have to?"? Can I give up automatically? "Wen Jie asked with a narrow face." Ok She promised too simply, but let Wen Jie suspect that there is fraud, "but." "You don't have to be a princess in distress. This is a democratic society. Of course you have the right to choose." Wen Po patted his hand soothingly and took his arm and walked forward. But Wen Jie is still a little hesitant. Since everyone has the right to choose, I don't think you will mind that I don't want to give up my dragon slayer hero? "Wenpo looked at him with a proud smile." Besides, you promised yourself. " Yesterday.. Ah! "Wen Jie began to resent why he went to the airport yesterday to meet a man he didn't know, otherwise, he wouldn't be in a dilemma now.". Whether Wenjie is happy or not,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, willing or not, Wenpo has already identified him, so no matter how he sighs, "Where are we going now?" She asked cheerfully, in sharp contrast to his listless appearance. I don't know, unless you have a special place you want to go. Wen Jie is a lifeless tunnel. Me! I want to see the world-famous St. Paul's Cathedral. I've seen it before from photos or documents,gear reduction motor, but I know it's a tall white Gothic building with a wooden ceiling inside the church, wooden seats arranged neatly, and Burne Jons. There is a window of refined colorful glass, and there are many wooden and stone carvings in the church. Wenpo's face was dreamy and emotional, as if the object described was in front of him. Whoo! And the Nehru Children's Museum There is a collection of toys from all over the world, as well as two sets of exquisite perspective paintings. It is said that the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata is introduced in 61 scenes. "Finished?" Wen Jie looked at her mockingly. Probably! "Wen Po finally noticed his somewhat unhappy expression, and she asked cautiously," You don't like it? " "Like!" Look at her face suddenly lit up, Wen Jie couldn't help but pour cold water on her way: "However, these places are not in my itinerary, maybe you should be alone.." See her look gloomy shake head fiercely, Wen Jie in the heart can not bear, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Micro Gear Motor, the original mockery turned into an uneasy mood. Did I upset you in some way? Or do you think I'm annoying? "Wen Po took a quick look at him, then lowered his head in a panic and stared at his hands.". Wen Jie wanted to call her, but he found that he didn't even know her name. "You know my name is Kuang Wenjie, but I don't know your name yet?" If the average person would immediately answer this question, it is regarded as one of the ways to show kindness, but it happened that Wenpo was different. She just hung her head lower and said in a more sad voice: "You are changing the subject. You must be unwilling to answer my question. You are afraid that telling me the truth will hurt my heart." "Look at me!" Wen Jie ordered softly. "I don't want to talk to your little head." Wen Po finally raised her head to look at him, but her eyes were no longer as light and happy as before, but self-reproach and uneasiness, and a little timidity and uneasiness. Are you afraid of me? "Wen Jie from her eyes, get this message, immediately in the heart suddenly a feeling of disgust.". Anyone can be afraid of him, but she won't.
In the past, if someone knew his position in the martial arts world, for his own safety, he was afraid that if he was unhappy, he would ruin his life. Therefore, when he saw him, all of them were cautious in their words and deeds. Although he was not a person who used violence to subdue people, he regarded "fear" as another explanation of respect, so he did not care. Otherwise, some people know that his father is quite famous in business, but it is Kuang Zhipeng who is famous for his unscrupulous means. There are rumors in the business world that his father intends to hand over his career to him, so others are more afraid that he will be unhappy and that his career will collapse. Based on these two identities, he has seen too many people afraid of him, so only in front of a few friends and two brothers, he can get along with them "normally". When people ask him for something, he doesn't mind that they are afraid of him, and even likes it, because they don't dare to ask too much. But he has always been very difficult to refuse others, but few people know this, and his father, Kuang Zhipeng, is the best at taking advantage of it. "Don't be afraid of me, and don't be afraid of me!" Wen Jie shouted angrily. Who Who's afraid of you! Roar …… "Why did you shout so loudly?" Minpo looked at him with grievance. " If you are not afraid of me, why do you stammer? "Wen Jie's anger is still not reduced." I was frightened by you and shouted so loudly! "Wen Po once again accused Wen Jie of being too loud." I I'm sorry Wen Jie apologized sheepishly. Promise you won't yell at me again. Wen Po looked at him demandingly. "Promise!" "Oh-oh!" Wen Jie thought of what he had promised her last night, but now he had no way out, and now he wanted him to "promise", which was no different from "promise" to him. " "Say something!" Wen Po urged. " I'm sorry, but I can't make any promises that I can't keep. Wen Jie saw that the sadness and uneasiness in her original eyes had long disappeared,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and she put on her original liveliness and self-confidence, and her mood relaxed. No sincerity! "Wen Po complained, but his eyes were full of smiles." I don't think you mind at all. "Wen Jie is very happy that the two people get along with each other again.". ichgearmotor.com


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