Three Kingdoms Road

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Microbloggers stopped his brother's words with a wave of his hand: "My good brother, you have been away all the year round. You don't know who Jibo is. Jibo is honest and intelligent. He has a good personal relationship with me. If he hadn't spoken well for me in front of my father these years and often excused me, I'm afraid I would have been abolished as an heir by my father. How can I sit here with you now?" "Even if he did come from the military camp in Xuzhou, he must have taught me something, not a spy. Instead, I felt that it was my impoliteness not to go out to meet him." Liu Pan to microbloggers, nature is very trust, see him so respected, not to say more, just accompany microbloggers waiting here. Not much time, Iraq has been accompanied by several soldiers to the hall, microbloggers heard the voice outside, stood up and went out in person. Before I went out, I saw the Iraqi nationality in front of me. Yi Ji saw microbloggers here, after all, is a friend for many years, a bow to the ground: "big childe, finally see you again, the day I heard the news of Jiangxia defeat, let me worry about you for a long time, now see you safe and sound I'm relieved." Microbloggers also bent down to hold his arms and lifted him up and said, "I thought I would never see Uncle Ji again. Now I can see your face again. Even if I die, I will have no regrets. Please come to the hall. Let's have a good talk about goodbye." As he spoke, he made a gesture of invitation with a slight bow, and the two of them came to the hall together while being polite. Although Iraq and Liu Pan is not very familiar, but after all, are all plain knowledge, polite to each other,face recognition identification, the host and guest sit down, the host here has become microbloggers. Although here is Changsha, but Han Xuan at this time has not been appointed as the Satrap of Changsha, the Satrap here is just Liu table under the people, because both are childe, just let the real master became microbloggers, he has nothing to do instead, just idle in his house. After being polite, microbloggers were also very curious about the reason why they came here, so they asked,temperature screening kiosk, "Mr. Jibo has been in Jingzhou all the time. I don't know what's going on there. I heard that the second brother has surrendered to Cheng Yu under the instigation of Cai. I don't know if it's true. How did you come here?" Yi Ji already felt that he was doing an open and aboveboard thing, there is no need to hide microbloggers. So the Jingzhou Liu table died of illness, cai and others make Bretz mainly, and Bretz later surrendered to Cheng Yu said again. Microbloggers heard his father died of illness, is also sad for a while, later heard Cai Yili his brother for Jingzhou new Lord, but there is nothing too big, although some despise Cai, but Bretz or his brother, after all, there is no big ill feeling for him. After all, the Iraqi finally talked about the purpose of his trip: "Now I came to the outside of the city with Cheng Sima's army. I was ordered by him to explain the advantages and disadvantages to the eldest son. I hope the eldest son can surrender to fu." Chapter 27 of the main text: The Rebellion of Donglai When Liu Pan heard that Yi Ji had been calling Cheng Yu fu just now, he was very upset. Now that he had directly told him the purpose of his surrender, he flew into a rage. He drew out his sword from his side and pointed at Yi Ji and scolded him: "Well, you are a common man, Yi Ji. Thanks to your eldest brother's respect and trust for you, I can't imagine that you are really a spy. I'll kill you first." Although microbloggers listen to Iraq is to surrender their own, in the heart faintly some lost, but he still respect Iraq, face recognition identification kiosk ,digital signage screen, busy holding Liu Pan's hand and said: "Brother, what are you doing, no matter what machine uncle is to do, he is my friend, not to mention you didn't even listen to people say, what are you anxious?" Yi Ji although see Liu Pan a pair of want to eat people's expression, but is not more color, such as Liu Pan in the microbloggers, finally returned to his seat, just unhurriedly said to microbloggers: "big childe, we have many years of monarch and minister, some words say out please don't care, now Jingzhou real under your control is just Changsha such a tiny place," All your forces is just the old Lord at that time to your thousands of military forces, plus the loss of the previous defeat, I'm afraid there is not much left, and your men are not available, compared to the Lombardi, must be much worse.
But Cheng Yu this time for the soldiers of the country, under the army can be used to fight countless soldiers, it can be said that the battle has not been doomed to the result. Why do you insist on it? I know you are kind, how can you see the people suffer the disaster of war, or surrender, in my opinion, Cheng Yu is not a treacherous and vicious person, he also promised to say let bygones be bygones, for the people of Changsha, I think you put down the personal honor and disgrace first, I am not on behalf of myself, but on behalf of the people to beg you. Hear this, microbloggers feel a kind of bitter feeling in the mouth, indeed he also know, these people even to fill the teeth of the enemy is not enough, he is still insisting, but is the result of no way out, but Cheng Yu really can let go of yourself? Yi Ji saw the doubts in the eyes of microbloggers, said to him: "big childe, my words you should believe it, according to my observation, Cheng Yu is definitely a person who can be trusted, since he has promised you, there will be no more accidents, now you surrender, not only can leave a way out in Cheng Yu there, but also the people and soldiers will be grateful to you, not than hard resistance, Is it much stronger to be defeated? Microbloggers face change uncertain, finally made up his mind, said to the Iraqi: "Since it is the machine uncle said so, then all right, I am willing to surrender, please go back to tell Cheng Yu." "No, big childe, now you want to surrender, don't wait for his charger to come, I think if you personally to his camp please surrender, should be better." Liu Pan below hurriedly objected: "eldest brother, can't, to his territory really want to listen to him!" " Microbloggers wry smile: "Is now my fate by my own control?"? All right, Uncle Ji,thermal imaging camera, I'll listen to you. When shall we leave? "The sooner the better." Liu Pan saw that since the eldest brother had been determined, he would not say much, but repeatedly said that he would go with him and die together.


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