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I called Lu Ming to help and searched everywhere in the room with a flashlight. Soon I found an insect lying on the wall. Its hind legs were surprisingly long. I said it was a false alarm. It was a cricket. I don't know what to call it in Anqing, Anhui Province. We call crickets crickets. I told Xiaodong to catch it and play with crickets tomorrow. Lu Ming said, "What's wrong with your eyes? It's not a cricket. It's a kitchen horse." I looked carefully again, but I was really wrong. The insect on the wall was indeed a kitchen horse. When it rains and gets damp in tube-shaped apartments, you can often see this kind of insect. It looks like a mixture of crickets and cockroaches. Its body is transparent and yellow, and its two hind legs are thick and long. Its scientific name may be the kitchen horse. In folklore, the Kitchen God rides this thing when he goes up to heaven. It is the mount of the Kitchen God, so it gets the name of the kitchen horse. In the old days, this kind of strange insect was all under the bricks of the stove. When I stepped on a pile of yellow water, I pulled off my head and crawled to death for half a day. Sometimes I even jumped into the cooking pot. I was a little afraid of things like the stove horse. I didn't dare to pinch it with my hands. I patted it on the bottom of my slippers and killed the stove horse on the wall. As soon as I beat this one to death with the sole of my shoe, Lu Ming found that there were still three or four kitchen horses in the corner. There was nothing else in the house for the time being. I saw cracks in the floor under the wall. Maybe these kitchen horses climbed into the room from the damp basement. I used the cloth in the house to press the cracks, so that Daxiuer and Xiaodong could sleep at ease. Tomorrow I will bring two bottles of insecticide. It's no problem to spray around in the basement. At this time, the electricity came again. Daxiuer and Xiaodong thanked me a thousand times. I also felt that I had become a hero. I could not avoid boasting. I went back to play video games with Lu Ming. Lu Ming seemed to be surprised. He said, "You're not trying to be brave, are you? The case of double corpses a few years ago happened in 107 next door. The dead man's head was also found in the basement. How dare you go in to deal with the kitchen horse tomorrow?" [V. Kitchen Horse] Just now I was pretending to be a hero in front of Daxiuer. When I went back to the house and was mentioned by Lu Ming, I suddenly realized that 107 had happened a murder that could not be explained by common sense. Two people had died. The wife had been chopped off by her husband with a kitchen knife and thrown into the basement. It was creepy to think about it. But after all, Daxiuer and Xiaodong had been living in 107 for several years. Never said anything unclean in the room. Now that I've said it,touch screen interactive whiteboard, if I find an excuse not to go tomorrow, I can't open my mouth with Daxiu. I think I can't let Lu Ming watch the fun. I let him go to the basement with me in the morning to get rid of the kitchen horse. Brothers can not only share the joys and sorrows, but also share the hardships. If you back out, don't come to my house to play video games again. Lu Ming is not allowed to play video games, which is not as good as killing him. He immediately declared: "You draw a line, whether it is a rolling roof, or hand in hand with the frying pan,smartboards in classrooms, brothers do not blink, but we have to say in advance, I will come to play video games later, you have to prepare enough coke, cigarettes and instant noodles." By dawn in the morning, the rain outside had never stopped, but it was very light. Daxiuer was going to the tailor shop today. I asked Xiaodong to stay and help me and Lu Ming. In the morning, the three of us went to eat a bowl of wonton. By the way, we bought a bottle of insecticide spray, as well as cockroach killing spirit, masks and gloves, ready to completely eradicate more and more "kitchen horses" in the tube-shaped apartment. When he came back, digital touch screen board ,smartboard for business, Cui Dali also got up. It was raining outside and he couldn't get out. Early in the morning, he bragged to the people passing by in the corridor, saying that Lao Cui's family used to be a big family and lived in Zhugan Hutong. There was a treasure in the Hutong, that is, the bamboo pole of Lao Cui's family. The bamboo pole was not very long, just enough to stretch into the sky. When he poked it at night, the stars all over the sky were shaking. When Cui Dali saw the three of us coming back with our things, he asked, "What's wrong, brother?"? What is Jie going to do? I said, "It's getting damp in the building. All the kitchen horses under the floor have climbed into the house. Don't you want to put some medicine in it? Brother, you are just idle. Come and work with me later.".
” Cui Dali hastened to express his regret: "Oh, it's too unfortunate. My brother had a dinner party at the Red Flag Restaurant at noon today. Two groups of people were fighting. He had to let your brother go to talk about it. Others didn't have the face. You see, it's too late. My brother has to hurry over. If he goes late, someone will die.." As he spoke, he pushed his bicycle and slipped away. I knew Cui Dali was afraid of hardship and dirty, so I made up an excuse to stay away. I didn't want to let him, a guy who could only play lip service, help me. He ran away and could be quiet in the tube-shaped apartment. He took off the key on Xiaodong's neck, opened the door of 107, went into the house and began to work. In the whole tube-shaped apartment building, there is only one room with a basement. The area of the basement is as big as the room above. It is surrounded by cement walls and paved with bricks. Under the bricks is a layer of wooden floor, which has been rotten because of dampness. No one knows why it was built at the beginning. I think it should be a storage room, but it is too damp to put sundries. It has been so empty. Daxiuer and Xiaodong moved to 107 for more than a year and never went down. The entrance of the basement is in the corner, a large square wooden floor, the weather is extremely hot and humid, the floor expands and cracks, there are big cracks on the edge, things like kitchen horses, insects and cockroaches, all climb into the house from here, it is useless to block it, the house is too old, there are many cracks in the walls and floors, it is unrealistic to want to cure it, we can only spray some medicine in the basement, and then sprinkle some cockroach killing spirit. At least get through this summer. Cockroach killing spirit is recommended by Lu Ming, saying that it refers to the secret recipe in ancient literature. It is a kind of medicine like black broken rice. People can't smell it, but cockroaches are easily attracted by it. After eating it,interactive whiteboard for schools, they are crazy. The big ones bite the small ones and kill each other. They all bite to death. One pill can kill one door. Lu Ming's father-in-law uses this medicine, and the effect is very good. I've almost forgotten what a cockroach looks like over the years, but it's not clear if it works for the "kitchen horse".


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