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"Well, they can't hold out much longer." Gaia nodded, too. As long as one is solved, the strength of the other side's group will drop a lot, and it will be much easier to knock down the next one. Indeed, while several people were still talking, Fizer once again took a strange step, flashed out of the crowd in the consternation of all the knights, and rushed straight at the magician who had released his skills in the same place. The magician saw Fei Ze's aggressive attack, some panic, hurriedly used the earth to move to pull away from Fei Ze. Fei Ze gently floated the corners of his mouth, his left hand swung quickly, suddenly a layer of white crystals quickly congealed in his left hand, the cold frost ring waved out with his palm, the ground under his feet was immediately covered with a layer of ice crystals, which quickly spread towards the magician, very accurately crossed the track of the magician's earth transfer, and froze one of his feet! "You can leave, too!" Fizer's figure fluttered again, and as soon as the magician propped up the rock shield, a violent force exploded at his feet, smashing the rock shield directly, and the magician's body was lifted into the air by the surging force of the explosion, even his magic robe was blown to pieces. The magician's constitution itself was poor, and without any magic protection, he was thrown into the air by the air waves and then fell directly to the ground, which directly caused the magician to faint. Gaia's teammates are so sick. Seeing this, Geely shrank his neck. The magician present was not weaker than him, but he was knocked unconscious face to face. The disparity in strength was too great. No wonder he dared to fight against six people and three D-level beasts. Without the limitation of magic, Fizer did whatever he wanted, and instead of relying on his own speed to deal with the other side, he directly set up his sword and fought with the four men with heavy swords. Boom!! How could a sword wielded by a great swordsman with all his strength be resisted by several senior swordsmen of the second rank? In the first battle, two heavily equipped knights were swept away. Give me Tama! The captain was furious at the two-meter-high long-clawed stone monster. He was tricked by a boy and even killed two teammates. It was hard to swallow. At that moment, he didn't care too much. He rushed directly to Fei Ze with his tame beast. With a sneer, Fei Ze directly fixed the stone monster in place, and then grasped it with his right hand. The sword in his hand was instantly wrapped in dark yellow fighting spirit, and rapidly expanded into a huge crescent moon sword ten meters wide. See you out! With one hand, Fizer danced the terrible virtual sword and hit the knight captain who rushed forward! The knight captain paid the price for his recklessness. The fighting spirit is the exclusive skill of the great swordsman. It is many times more powerful than the fighting spirit. The knight captain bears it head-on. Even if he is not torn in half by the fighting spirit, the rolling air wave can also make him fly out. Chapter 117 Mass Home Team. The game is not allowed to kill people, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,cold drawn tubes, so Fizer more or less left his hand, did not directly split the sword on the knight, but sent him flying. The knight, dressed in heavy armor, was blown tens of meters away and hit the hard ground, judging from the painful crash, the taste must not be very good. After that, it was Fizer's personal performance. First, he fixed his opponent with ice, and then with a violent blow, the other three knights could not resist at all. After the two knights were hit and flew out again, the last opponent glanced at the frozen three domesticated beasts and had to insert his weapon into the ground to admit defeat.
After the referee announced the result of the match, Fizer smartly inserted his sword into his waist, shook off his long flowing hair, walked back to the others and said with a smile: "After seeing my heroic posture, do you suddenly feel that my figure has become very tall, like a towering God standing in front of you?" There is even a fallacy that sees the inferiority and shame of the truth from the heart. Buckton laughed, Zanguro ignored, Mona rolled her eyes, Slo pulled the corners of her mouth, and Gaia turned away. The people of the Kaigu team are all aware of Feiser's nerves, so whenever this guy's narcissistic praise or inexplicable feelings, the people of the Kaigu team choose to ignore them at most. However, Buckton, a guy with a single mind, is occasionally moved by Feiser's affectionate poems, which are mostly lascivious. At the end of the third game, the weaker teams or the teams that won by luck were eliminated one after another. There will be no more than 13 teams that won three consecutive games in 100 teams. These 13 teams will enter the championship directly, so Kaigu team is likely to meet the strong team in the tenth group in the fourth game. The Kaigu team, which directly entered the tenth group to win the championship, has three days to rest. During the three days of waiting, the competition organization will also select those teams that have lost because of the relative strength and enter the championship to ensure that some strong teams will not be eliminated directly because of bad luck. Gigli and Tris'second team of the Mass Academy lost in the third game, so they will continue to play in the round of the losing team, but they still met some strong teams in the round. After three consecutive defeats, their team was unfortunately eliminated, but Tris and Gigli did not lose heart. They came to the competition with the mentality of exercise, and the age of this competition is 22 years old, they and many opponents are five years of training time, can enter the semi-finals is already very good. Three days later, the tenth group selected three teams from the teams that did not win three consecutive victories to enter the championship, that is, 16 teams were selected from 100 teams to win the final championship. Interestingly,Precision steel tubes, Kaigu's first match in the championship was the home team of the Academy of Mass, which represented the whole city of Mass, so the combination also shocked Gaia and Jana.


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