The most powerful son-in-law in history

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At that moment also did not say what, but that Xiao bodyguard asks: "If we did not find those nv real person around?" Liu Fang's plan was obviously brewing very carefully in his mind: "If there is no movement of nv real people around, I will take three thousand people all the way to Changbai Mountain and get close to their lair, forcing these nv real people to fight a decisive battle with us. The prince will take his troops to keep a hundred miles away from me, so as to ensure that everything is safe. The only thing I am worried about is that there is no future leader around the prince." If there is an emergency, I'm afraid you can't cope with it. When Chen yuan heard what he had said, he rolled his eyes and said, "The general's plan is brilliant. When those real nvs heard that their lair had been attacked, they must have gone back.". When the time comes, we don't have to do anything else. When they fight with the general, we will outflank them from the side. I think Xiao and others can still do these things well. When Liu Fang saw that Chen yuan understood his intention, she immediately smiled: "Brother Chen, you don't have to praise me. After all, we don't know the movements of those nv real people now.". Everything is just my preliminary idea. Well, I'll go back and think about what else is not detailed. Tomorrow I'll give the prince a safer plan. Yelv Hongji nodded: "Well, we can't fight, so there will be General Lao Liu." After Liu Fang left, Yelv Hongji asked Chen yuan, "Chen Shimei, do you think we can win?"? If General Liu's plan goes smoothly, we can attack from both sides, so I think there is still hope. Chen yuan smiled, looked at the four guards, and then looked at Yelv Hongji: "Prince, please forgive me for speaking frankly. General Liu is used to fighting with the Song Dynasty in the south. This method is useful to deal with the Song army, but it is not good to deal with those nv real people." Yelv Hongji immediately asked, "What do you mean?" Next to the four shshi Wei is also prick up their ears, eyes looking at Chen yuan, waiting for him to continue to say. Chen yuan said, "I can't fight, but I know what the homes of those real nvs in Changbai Mountain look like.". I heard people say that most of them live in the mountains and bushes, and the conditions are slightly better, so they can build a few huts. The prince thought, what is there to come back and maintain in such a home? After hearing this, Guard Xiao thought it was quite reasonable and immediately received: "General Liu must have taken Changbai Mountain as the city of the Song Dynasty.". It's just, why didn't you just remind him? Chen yuan had almost got in touch with them these days. He thought it was time to tell the truth. He looked into the eyes of the five men, especially the four guards, and said slowly, "Because the emperor promised to let me be an official after I go back, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, so I want to go back alive." Guard Xiao looked at his companions, as if he understood something, and slowly put his head together: "There is still a family waiting for us in our four families. I also want to go back alive. Brother Chen might as well speak frankly." Chen yuan looked at Yelv Hongji with a friendly smile and said, "Prince, I have a letter from the princess here. Please have a look." In the letter, Yelv Ling made Chen yuan's plan clear and told Yelv Hongji clearly, which was the best way for him to live. It is also the best arrangement for the ten thousand Liao soldiers who have no ability to fight with nv. After Yelv Hongji read the letter, his face was a little ugly. He had known for a long time that he was just a yyòu bait, but he didn't expect that he would lose the qualification to be a yyòu bait in the end. Yelv Hongji's mouth trembled twice. He looked at Chen yuan and Xiao Wei and asked softly, "Am I really useless?" Before Chen yuan could say anything, the guard Xiao immediately said, "Prince, if you can live with these soldiers who can't fight outside, no matter what method you use, you are the supreme God in their eyes.". On the contrary, if you let them die, even if you win, their relatives will curse you when you return triumphantly. Chen yuan nods: "Hum, not to mention, prince you also know, you win impossibly at all." Yelv Hongji nods: "Good, do so.". Just, what about General Liu Fang? I don't think he will agree to our plan.
” Chen yuan and Xiao Wei looked at each other and found that each other's eyes were flashing with a trace of jijiān. The crime of deceiving the king was carried by Yelv Hongji, but it was unreasonable to let Yelv Hongji carry it alone. Since Liu Fang wants to go, let him go, as long as the seven thousand people do not go out of the city, Liu Fang will lose. He came back alive because of his miscommand. It's better that he's dead. Everything can be blamed on him. Liu Fang had been fighting in the south, and he was a Han Chinese. In Liao, he always had to be a man with his tail between his legs. He could not see through these treacherous skills. When Chen yuan had already shown the knife, he was still unaware of it. On the one hand, the three thousand soldiers who went to war with him in the Chchōu tune were still thinking about how to complete the plan that Chen yuan had no intention of cooperating with. Two days later, Liu Fang finally left here to go straight to Changbai Mountain, Yelv Hongji did not want to come out to see him off, because Yelv Hongji always felt that he could not face Liu Fang's innocent eyes. So Chen yuan took the place of Yelv Hongji to see Liu Fang's three thousand soldiers off. To tell the truth, Chen yuan also feels that cheating a person like Liu Fang is somewhat immoral, but the world is like this, officialdom is so immoral, you are too pure, you can only be a stepping stone for others. When the three thousand soldiers walked out of the newly built earthen wall of Huanglong Mansion, Chen yuan knew that they might never come back. There was a sense of guilt in his heart that suppressed Chen yuan's heart, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Standing next to him, guard Xiao was really full of chchūn wind: "Brother Chen, what should we do next?"? Can't you just stay in this Huanglong Mansion? Chen yuan threw away his distracting thoughts and said with a smile,plastic pallet suppliers, "We'll immediately ask for help from the rear. Let the nine princes and princesses come with troops to suppress the bandits. Our brothers stay here. We can eat and drink without blowing. What's wrong with that?"? If guard Xiao is bored, we might as well push on two hands, how about that? Guard Xiao burst out laughing: "That's good!"! I heard that Brother Chen is doing well in his business. Tonight you will be the banker and let the brothers win some money. 。


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