A small shopkeeper in the sixties

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Xu Xiaoman is a person who has suffered, knows that kind of taste, sees his own sister like this, in the heart is very uncomfortable. Especially just saw the small five Ya from behind the door to show a small head, that timid appearance, looks very pitiful. She couldn't figure out why her parents didn't want her and her sister, and why they did the same to Wu Ya. There is only one child like Wu Ya. Why doesn't it hurt. Xu Nannan went over to wipe Xu Xiaoman's tears and touched Xu Ling's head. "It's all right. Sister has something to eat. Let Xiaoling eat enough." Song Guihua also came out of the kitchen, saw the three sisters like this, said, "Let Xiaoling eat here, we eat pork dumplings." A child can't eat much better. And a poor child. Xu Ling's eyes sparkled immediately and she swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva. For Xu Ling's arrival, Grandma Chen did not say anything, only asked Xu Ling why she ran out. Xu Ling said something about her family. She is small, but her mouth is sharp, but she speaks very clearly. Hearing that the old lady didn't even give her noodles, and that Li Jing had gone to buy pork to make dumplings for her nephews and nieces, Grandma Chen shook her head. Sister,14 tube fitting, let's ask Wu Ya not to go back, OK? Xu Xiaoman suddenly said. Since she came out, she knew that home was not a place for people to stay. I used to be beaten and scolded because I didn't have enough to eat. Since I came out with my sister, I can learn knowledge and have enough to eat. She wants Wu Ya to come out. Xu Nannan is somewhat puzzled. She and Xu Xiaoman were able to break away from the old Xu family, half of which she fought for, and half of which was luck. It's not easy for Xu Ling to come out now. After all,38 tube fitting, Xu Ling is the only daughter that Li Jing and Xu Jiansheng keep by their side. Whether they let her go or not is one thing. She asked Xu Ling, "Xiaoling, do you want to live with your sister?" Xu Ling shook her head hesitantly. "I want to go to school. Dad said he would send me to school when I grew up." Xu Xiaoman said, "We can also let you go to school. Next year, my sister will be able to earn work points in the fields, and she will be able to share money later." "Fourth Sister, don't you go to school?"? Mom and sister Hong Hong said that only by studying can they be promising. Fourth sister, you also need to study. When I grow up, I want my father to send me to school. Why can't I read if they can read? Xu Ling looked unconvinced. Xu Nannan didn't expect the child to have a temper. But I didn't persuade Xu Ling to live with them. To be honest, she's not doing very well in the mountains with her Grain Buds. Xu Ling had nothing to gain except to follow them without starving. Although Xu Ling was wronged in the village, after returning to the city, Xu Jiansheng would not treat the only remaining daughter unfairly. At least not like she and the Grain Buds. On the other side, pipe fittings manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting supplier, the old Xu family also began to make dumplings. Li Jing was so cruel this time that she cut two catties of meat in one breath and used almost all the money she had brought with her. Fortunately, this time Mrs. Xu was very satisfied and came back without any more cynicism. Old Mrs. Xu even got out of bed and chopped the stuffing to make dumplings. Only half of the meat was used, and the other half was rubbed with salt and hung up by Mrs. Xu. Save it for bacon. Li Jing looked at the hanging meat and regretted buying too much. Why do you keep it to make bacon when you are making dumplings. When she goes back to the city, won't she be able to eat? Looking at Mrs. Xu like this, she felt even more that what Liu Qiao had said to her before was reasonable. Scorer, or it will be a bottomless pit in the future. After working for most of the noon, the dumplings finally came out of the pot. The old lady herself cooked a big bowl for the old man Xu, his two sons and his grandson. Two granddaughter half bowl, oneself and Liu Qiao made half bowl again. Li Jing was going to fill half a bowl when she was stopped by the old lady. You can eat a lot in the city. Why are you still fighting with the children? It's not ugly. There are still lumps in the pot, and it's not that there's nothing to eat. Holding back her anger, Li Jing laughed and said, "Mom, isn't there a lot left in the pot?" "Do you have to finish the meal?"? It's not a hot day. Can I save it for tomorrow? I knew you were not benign, and you were going to lose everything, just like your daughter who lost her family. The old lady pointed at her nose and scolded her, then went out with the dumplings. Liu Qiao glanced at her, did not speak, and followed the old lady out with the bowl. Old Xu's family ate pork dumplings around the table. The children whirred as they ate, and no one remembered that another child had not come back.
Zhang Cuiqin also carried a bowl filled with paste and pulled one out of her two children's bowls from time to time. She's not even qualified to go into the kitchen now, and if the old lady doesn't give it to her, she can't eat it. Li Jing sat on one side, looking at his bowl filled with paste, looking at the family's lively appearance, endured several times, Leng is born to suppress the anger. She didn't put down her chopsticks until everyone had eaten enough. While everyone is here today, I want to discuss something with my family. "There's nothing to say." Old Mrs. Xu pursed her lips and said unhappily. She feels uncomfortable when she sees Li Jing now. Old Xu family did not treat this daughter-in-law unfairly, the result unexpectedly gave birth to two small evils to come out. Li Jing pursed her lips and said with a smile, "Mom, I can't help it.". The situation at home is also like this now. I'm going to transfer from agriculture to non-agriculture recently. When people transfer their registered permanent residence, they can see the composition of our family. It will definitely affect when the time comes. I thought about whether to separate the household registration, so that it would be easy to handle. "What, you want to break up?" Old Mrs. Xu immediately opened her eyes wide. Others also looked at Li Jing. Old man Xu, in particular, had a pair of squinting eyes and an expressionless face. Li Jing nervously swallowed saliva, "Mom and Dad, this is not for me alone, after all, if I can also be transferred from agriculture to non-agriculture,needle valve manufacturer, the hope of children entering the city in the future will be greater.". Didn't Jiansheng write a guarantee to let his nephews and nieces go to the city before? I have a lot of worries about this. Several children know how I have treated the children these years, but I am really good for them. "You can't break up like this. Why do you want to break up?" It is absolutely impossible for Mrs. Xu to separate the family. The only thing she can do now is to manage the family. All the food in the family is in her hands. As long as the family is not separated, the daughter-in-law has to listen to her. Whoever she wants to give a hard time will have a hard time. chinaroke.com


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