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Tang Mo and Fu Wen stopped on the roof of a building not far away, staring at the huge dark tower. I saw the black tower of the tower body flashing white light, like a small star, constantly flashing. This light is not very dazzling, but it makes people feel very strange, with the overwhelming singing children's voice. The cold evening breeze blew, and Tang Mo clenched his fingers. After humming "The Painter" once, the white light suddenly stopped. Ding-dong! On March 5, 2018, the 10th District of Huaxia decided to open an additional copy of the "Garbage Cleaning Game of the Last Person". "The rules of the game-" "First, from 18:00 on March 5, 2018 to 6:00 on March 6, 2018, all of them have set foot in Huaxia District 6, Huaxia District 49 and Huaxia Area 194.." Players in Huaxia 1002 area are regarded as players in this area and participate in the game. "Second, the game time is from 18 o'clock to 6 o'clock the next day,eye cream packaging tube, and the game place is the above ten districts." Third, a group of rabbit heads will appear every hour. Kill a rabbithead for a badge. "Fourth, 11 garbage disposal stations have been set up in 6 districts of Huaxia and 5 garbage disposal stations have been set up in 49 districts of Huaxia." Six garbage disposal stations have been set up in Huaxia 1002 District. "Fifth, send your surprise to the garbage disposal station to pass the game." "Sixth, each player can only enter the garbage disposal station once." "Seventh, players who pass the game can get the right to rest once,cosmetic plastic tube, and within six months from now on, they can only attack the tower once." "Eighth, the loser immediately enters the attack tower game, the game difficulty is the difficult mode." Ninth, announce the list of ten districts. Huaxia District 6: Nanjing, Huaxia District 49: Dongying … … Huaxia District 1002: Guyuan. "Ding Dong!"! Forgive the Black Tower for speaking frankly, I am not aiming at anyone, I am saying that all of the above ten districts are rubbish. The author has something to say: the world's first stowaway to pass the first and second floors of the Black Tower [Lao Fu] & the world's first official player to pass the difficult mode attack tower game [Tangtang]:.. I have a sentence in my heart, and I don't know whether to say it or not. Black Tower: Spicy Chicken! You're all hot chickens! Hum Chapter 91 Rabbit Head ~ When the black tower opens the game, Tang Mo and Fu Wen have already run a distance and come to the edge of the Xinjiekou business district. Everywhere in the city of Nanjing, players can be heard screaming in horror. This large copy of reality came too suddenly and unprepared. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other, polyfoil tube ,pump tube, and they turned around and returned to the original place. When they returned to the bottom of the Black Tower, Xiao Jitong immediately came up: "The game has begun." Tang Mo looked at him. "How are you?" There was a thin layer of sweat on Xiao Jitong's forehead, which showed that he was not indifferent to the sudden garbage cleaning game. He said calmly, "When the Black Tower announced the start of the game just now, we were standing under the Black Tower, and the voice was obviously announced to the whole country.". This game is called'Last Man's Garbage Sweeping Game '. I think the meaning of the black tower is very obvious, this game has two key points, one is the last one, one is garbage cleaning. The voice stopped. Xiao Jitong looked at Tang Mo and then Fu Wenduo. He said with a wry smile, "Our players in Nanjing are all the last ones, and they are also the garbage in its mouth." Xiao Jitong did not let go of every message given by the Black Tower. In fact, when playing the Black Tower game, Tang Mo is the same as him, whether it is the name of the game or the rules of the game, even if it is the notes given by the Black Tower, he will not ignore. Because this may be the key to the game. Tang Mo probably guessed why the game existed. Tang Mo: "If there is no speculation wrong, ten days ago, the earth online one hundred days, this is a special day." Tang Mo paused and saw that Xiao Jitong did not respond, confirming that he, like Fu Wenduo, had noticed the particularity of the date of February 23. Tang Mo continued: "From that day on, the three little points of light appeared on the Black Tower in Nanjing.". Those three little points of light are warming up for this game.
” Fu Wensheng did not know when to also run to come over, listened to this word he thinks: "You are to say, black tower spent the time of 10 days to prepare this general cleaning game?" "Not bad." Tang Mo nodded, "Black Tower just said the first sentence is- 'Huaxia ten districts have been determined', and then it announced ten districts.". There are 1021 black towers in the sky of China, and it has found ten districts from the more than one thousand districts. It said that on March 5, it identified the ten districts. So what criteria does it use to determine these ten districts? Fu Wenduo answered tacitly, "The last one." Tang Mo took one look at him: "These ten districts are the last of the 1021 districts.". Chances are, they're in the bottom ten. I don't know exactly what criteria the Black Tower uses to judge the strength of each district, but it has made a judgment that these ten districts are the last. The game has begun, and the criteria for judging the Black Tower are no longer important, but more important is the garbage cleaning game. Tang Mo cast aside this topic and looked at Xiao Jitong: "It says there are 11 garbage disposal stations in Nanjing. Have you found them?" Xiao Jitong: "I have just asked Chai Rong to send someone to look for it." But after a while, Chai Rong and the members of the Nanjing Group ran back breathlessly: "Yes, it's very close to here!" The crowd immediately followed. Over two streets, through a couple of skyscrapers. Everyone walked so fast that they didn't waste a minute. Before Chai Rong could explain how he found the garbage disposal station and what it looked like,empty cosmetic tubes, a small and strange building appeared in front of everyone. Tang Mo footsteps a meal, looking at this small and strange house, his face showed a trace of consternation.


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