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In the past three days, he had hardly closed his eyes, but in exchange for her sneer and suspicion. But he would rather be suspected than tell the truth, and he did not want her to be stimulated again. Ding Linglin was still staring at him and said coldly, "I'm asking you. Why don't you open your mouth?" Guo Ding still doesn't open his mouth. He couldn't open his mouth, he couldn't say a word in his heart. Ding Linglin's hands groped in the quilt-she was still wearing clothes. "How long have I been here?" She asked, looking a little better. "It seems to have been almost three days," said Guo Ding. Ding Linglin almost jumped up: "Three days?"? I've been here for three days? You've been here all the time? Guo nodded at a fixed point. Ding Linglin's eyes widened: "Have I been asleep all the time these three days?" "Yes," said Guo Ding. He spoke in a low voice because he was lying. These three days, Ding Linglin is not always asleep, she has done a lot of things, many unexpected, dumbfounding things. Guo Ding is the only one who knows these things, and he will never mention them to others again. Ding Linglin bit her lip and hesitated for a long time. Finally, she couldn't help saying,10g Ozone Generator, "What about you?" "Me?" Asked Guo Ding. "What were you doing when I was asleep?" Asked Ding Linglin. Guo Ding said with a wry smile, "I don't have anything." Ding Linglin seemed relieved, but still said with a straight face: "I hope what you said is true, because if you are lying, I will find out sooner or later." Guo Ding can only listen. "You saved my life," said Ding Linglin. "I'll repay you later. But if I find out you're lying,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, I'll kill you." As if she didn't even bother to look at Guo Ding, she said coldly, "Now I just want you to go out. Go out quickly." Guo Ding didn't look at her either. "What on earth am I doing?" He asked himself? Why should I be wronged by such an insult? He walked out and walked out without looking back. Watching his thin and tired figure disappear outside the door, Ding Linglin could not help but feel a little sorry. She did not hate the man, nor was she unaware of his feelings for her. But she only pretended not to know that she could not let this feeling develop any longer. Because there's only one person in her heart. Ye Kai, she must find Ye Kai quickly. The first place she was looking for, of course, was the Hongbin Inn. But when the people in the Hongbin Inn saw her, they all seemed to have seen a ghost, and they were both disgusted and afraid. A woman who has stabbed her lover with a knife will not be welcome wherever she goes. Have you seen Mr. Ye? "No." "You don't know where he has gone?" "I don't know-we don't know anything about Mr. Ye. Why don't you go to the Escort Agency to inquire about it?" So Ding Linglin went to the Hufeng Escort Agency. When the Escorts of the Tiger and Phoenix Escort Agency heard the name of "Ding Linglin", their expressions were similar to those of the guys at the Hongbin Inn. We have never been in contact with Ye Daxia, ceramic welding tape ,steatite c221, but if we want to find out about him, we might as well go to the Bafang Escort Agency, where the chief Escort is very brave. "Dai Gaogang, I heard that he is Ye Daxia's friend of life and death." Ding Linglin wondered why she had never heard that Ye Kai had such a friend of life and death? She wanted to ask again, but she couldn't ask again. She really couldn't stand the faces of these darts. Anyway, as long as you find Dai Gaogang, you can find the whereabouts of Ye Kai. "" She felt at ease, for she did not know that she could never get another word out of de Gaogang's mouth. In the courtyard of Bafang Escort Agency, several assistants of Zhengyu are washing a black paint cart. A middle-aged man with a tall stature and a heavy face stood on the stone steps with his hands on his back. It was Du Tong, the deputy chief escort here, who "opened the monument with an iron palm". Ding Linglin rushed over: "Are you Dai Gaogang's Chief Escort?" Although she did not speak very politely and her face was not very good, she was still a very beautiful girl and very young. Du Tong looked her up and down, forced a smile, and said, "What's your name, Miss? What's the matter with him?" "My surname is Ding, and I want to ask him about someone.".
" Hearing the word "Ding", Du Tong's face changed: "Is your surname Ding? Is it Ling Lin? Ding Linglin nodded and said, "Is he here?"? I want to ask him a few words in person. Du Tong looked at her with a calm face and suddenly sneered, "Are you looking for Ye Kai?" Ding Linglin's eyes lit up and she said, "Do you know Ye Kai, too?"? Is he here? "Yes," said Du Tong coldly, "he's here. He came back with Chief Escort Dai. He came back in this car." The expression on his face was obviously sad and angry, but unfortunately Ding Linglin did not see it at all. As long as she thought of seeing Ye Kai again, she didn't care about anything else. Where are they? Du Tong turned around with a sneer. "Come with me." The hall was as gloomy as a tomb. Because this hall has now become a tomb. As soon as Ding Linglin went in, she saw two coffins. Two brand new coffins, the lids not yet nailed down. There were two bodies in the coffin village, bodies without heads. Du Tong said coldly, "They went out together by car and came back together by car, but although they came back, they didn't come back." Ding Linglin didn't hear what he said at all. She recognized the clothes on one of the corpses-the friend of life and death! It is said that Ye Kai and Dai Gaogang were friends of life and death. They went out together, and now they are lying in a coffin together. Ding Linglin only felt that the whole room was spinning, and the staff of the Hongbin Inn and the Escorts of the Bafang Escort Agency were also spinning around her, each with a cruel sneer on his face. They already knew that Ye Kai was dead? "Is Ye Kai really dead?" Ding Linglin wanted to burst into tears, but she didn't know if she had cried out. Spooky halls,ceramic bobbin heater, spooky lights. When Ding Linglin woke up, she found herself lying in the place where she had just fallen down. No one came to help her, no one came to comfort her.


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