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The three dragons also came and stood aside in human form, looking curiously at the very friendly humans, orcs and dwarves below. Then let's get started. Song Ge said to the dragon after greeting the people below. Among the three dragons, Prometheus, the fire dragon, came out first, and he wanted to take the lead. Out of Babane's side came Adam and his dragon, Ah Shui. Song Ge is still very confident about the local strength of Asia, in the words of Istanbul. Adam is no longer a dragon knight in the traditional sense, because both he and his dragons have different ways of fighting. In Babane's tournament, Adam also got a good place, although he was only ninth at that time, but he was trained by Abrody before he left. Now Adam's strength has been able to compete with the internal force and even Moroni. And Song Ge sent Adam to fight for another reason, that is, the problem of attribute restriction, Adam and his dragon water are water attributes, Prometheus is a fire dragon, Adam is born to occupy an advantage. Adam ascended into the sky, holding a brand new enchanted dragon lance in his hand,outdoor whirlpool tub, and stood on the back of Ah Shui, staring at Prometheus, who had regained his dragon shape and was hovering in the sky not far away. Neither side is a patient person, and the battle begins almost as soon as they are ready. But to the surprise of Prometheus and the other two dragons below, Adam and his dragons were not like the other dragonriders. First he launched a magic attack, but he killed it directly. Prometheus had to swallow the half-spoken incantation. The huge body swung to meet Adam and his dragon. At this time, a layer of ice armor appeared on the bodies of Adam and Ah Shui. It covers every part of a man and a dragon,endless pool swim spa, even on Adam's dragon lance. The cold breath made the surrounding temperature drop a lot. How is that possible? On the ground, watching the battlefield, Mick Foster was surprised. What happened to the one-piece armor of the knight and the dragon? Such a knight and dragon can not be a perfect combination of it? Also do not blame Mick Foster surprised, although the name of the dragon knight sounds good, but when it comes to the real battle, mainly rely on the dragon, as long as the dragon knight is to play the role of command and assistance. Because in the air, when the dragon makes some difficult flying movements. All the dragon knight can do is grab the body of the dragon, and he can't attack at all. The current situation of Adam and his dragons turns this concept on its head. A dragon knight who can stand firm and appear in the required position no matter what action the dragon makes is terrible, which means that both the dragon and the knight can be the main body of attack, which undoubtedly makes the means of attack unpredictable. The situation in the air was exactly what Mick Foster had in mind. Adam and Ah Shui cooperated seamlessly, and the fighting skills guided by Abrody himself were brought into full play. As soon as they came into contact, Prometheus fell into the downwind except for his roar. Because of the conjoined ice armor, Adam could move freely on the body of Ah Shui without fear of falling. He suddenly appeared at the head of the dragon, outdoor spa manufacturers ,endless swim spa, shot Prometheus, hung upside down on the belly of the dragon, drew cold, and slipped from the head to the tail of the dragon to avoid the attack of Prometheus. It is more appropriate to watch acrobatics than his fighting. This battle is the most cowardly battle in Prometheus's life. He is an attribute dragon. Although he has a strong body, the main way of attack is magic. But now his opponent doesn't give him the chance to play his specialty at all. He sticks to him like a rice cake, dragon teeth, dragon grasp, dragon lance, and attacks him from all angles, which makes him impossible to defend. After a while, his body was hit several times. A series of passive let Prometheus's anger accumulated to the peak, after being stabbed again by Adam's ghostly dragon lance, the fire dragon finally did not care about the injury, fighting to get a water, a claw pushed the opponent back for some distance, a big wing, flew a little farther. Prometheus naturally had to cherish the opportunity he had created with great difficulty. Almost with his fastest singing speed, he sent out an eight-level range attack magic'meteorite falling from the sky '. Huge flaming stones fell from the sky, sealing the space in front of Prometheus.
After successfully sending out the magic, Prometheus breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, he had a little time to prepare for the magic. As long as he pulled away, he was confident to deal with this difficult opponent to the end. As soon as the nine-level spell began, Prometheus saw the scene that made his dragon's eye almost fall out. Adam and his dragon actually went through the'meteorite falling from the sky 'and killed him in the blink of an eye. Volume two basically achieves a well-off society. Chapter 270-Babane's Women Are Powerful (Part 1) Chapter 270 Babane's women are very powerful (part 1). Prometheus didn't even have time to curse the world for such a perversion, but he found that the dragon lance wrapped in ice came to his eyes with a strong rotation, emitting a cold air from it. There is no hesitation, the fire dragon mouth is a dragon's breath, this is the best solution, since there is no time to dodge, come to a lose-lose bar, Prometheus does not believe that Adam can not be afraid of the high temperature of fire magic, but the high temperature of Longyan will make Adam all take into account. The people below watched the scene nervously, including Song Ge, who had absolute confidence in Adam before. He knew that Adam, a big boy, was good at everything, but he was impulsive and stubborn. When Song Ge saw Prometheus spitting the dragon's breath, he was really afraid that Adam would not dodge at all and rush over, although it would cause serious damage to the fire dragon, but he would also be burned by the dragon's breath. Not good, after Adam was trained by Abrody, he obviously knew the depth. One man and one dragon tacitly avoided the dragon's breath. However, at the moment of evasion, Adam struggled to throw out the new metal enchanted dragon lance in his hand. The pike passed through Longyan and plunged into Prometheus's body! Although Adam is not so impulsive,outdoor whirlpool, he still retains a characteristic that can not be changed, that is, ruthlessness.


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